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    Velofel Pectorals major and minor, deltoid, triceps, and forearm muscles. In order to develop and pump up the pectoral muscles, you need not only to perform a bench press lying , but also to do it correctly. A detailed guide will help. This basic weight lifting exercise performed on a bench is key to getting a powerful and wide chest. Its implementation involves pectoral muscles, shoulder girdle, triceps. Anatomically, it is similar to push-ups from the floor. The difference lies in the possibility of using additional weights, that is, dumbbells or barbells. This certainly enhances the effect of the workout. the bar is removed from the mount with both hands; the shell is lowered to the middle of the chest until it touches the body lightly; squeeze the bar without exhaling until the elbow joints are fully fixed. Legs should be on the floor, buttocks should be firmly pressed to the surface of the bench, shoulder blades - flattened, and chest - forward. A feature of the bench, unlike squats and deadlifts, is the ability to lift heavier weights with minimal risk of damage to the shoulder joint. This is achieved due to the fact that the bar rises from the chest to the shoulders diagonally, and the trajectory of the projectile has a small angle relative to the vertical. After taking the initial position on the bench, they take on the shell with both hands, providing support only with palms located at a distance. Thumbs should be on top of the projectile. To increase the degree of stability, the blades are brought together, pressed against the bench. The bar is removed from the holders, hands perpendicular to the bench are extended upward, the elbows are fixed.