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    Vital Alpha Testo Canada And here's why: pull-ups with a wide grip only load the very top of the latissimus dorsi, leaving the other areas almost untouched. You can make a wide back with their help, but the widest ones will remain short. The yat was pulled by a medium grip, using the supination of the position of the hands. The amplitude of motion increased, the widest stretched more and was loaded along the entire length. A reverse grip worked on it at the attachment points, creating the effect of “wings”. Several pancakes, fastened at the waist, lengthened the trajectory, stretching the widest even stronger. The same situation was with the rod pull back grip. Grab already, elbows start further, the back gets more load in the middle and lower segment. Deadlift completed the program. During its execution, the sections of the back were pumped, “surviving” from the two previous exercises: extensors of the back, lumbar, trapezius and round muscles. Dorian Yates back training lasted only 30-35 minutes. During this time, the entire muscle mass of the back, from top to bottom, was subjected to a hard load. When 12 weeks were left before the start of the next Olympia, he softened his furious style a little and included the widest and other exercises in his training. Then, in the training program of Dorian Yats, there was a pull of the upper block (necessarily with an average back grip), a pull of a dumbbell in a tilt with one hand and a pullover in a simulator. This exercise for the back, in his opinion, was the most underestimated, because it incredibly stretched the muscles of the back. The usual pullover with a dumbbell did not allow achieving such an effect. I propose to watch a short story, where Yats tells in detail about this exercise, and not to anyone, but Kai Green himself, who came to visit him to learn to swing his back. When training the widest ones, Dorian Yates periodically used the classical draft of the bar in the slope, but the exercise he invented proved to be much more effective. Perhaps someone else decided one day to take the bar with a back grip and pull it to the belt, but she went down in the history of bodybuilding as a Yats pull. The uniqueness of this exercise is that it allows you to work out your entire back at once. Bottom and middle of the broadest, lumbar, extensors of the back, trapezium. All these departments are pumped in one motion and with maximum load. But in order to get the result from Yats’s thrust, you need to perform it as follows: We become stable, we place our feet shoulder width apart We take the bar back grip. The width of the grip is a bit familiar Tear off the bar from the floor by 5-10 cm, bend in the lower back Keep your back perfectly straight and constantly tense. Keep your elbows as close to your body as possible. Pull the bar in the press area, pause, strain your back even more Slowly lower down to full stretching of the widest And three more tips from Dorian Yates on training the widest : “First - be sure to use wrist straps.